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Chupa Chomp - Work in Progress

I developed a Model-View-Controller Java game engine using the Swing and default graphics packages. To test it out, I decided I should make a game with it.

The game is programmed from entirely with Java and makes use of the A* (variant of Dijkstra Pathfinding) algorithm for the enemies. My brother and I drew all the graphics.


After a fairly successful trebuchet I made for a Honors Physics project, I decided I wanted to continue building trebuchets especially different kinds. Since the one for school ended up lacking structural stability, I decided to plan this one out ahead of time, even modeling it in the 3D CAD-like program Blender. Over the winter break of 2010, My friends Christian, Ryan, and I built a floating arm trebuchet.

Light Art

Light art is the act of using long exposure photography to create drawings out of flashlights and other light emitting objects. By letting the camera shutter open for long periods of time, I can walk around next to my subjects and draw light illustrations next to them.

The trick behind the whole process is that the artist is seldom in the picture, since he or she does not emit light and does not stick around long enough to reflect it. Only the subject, who stays still the entire shot will be visible in the final product.


During the summer of 2010, I gained an interest in photography and experimented with different types such as macro, long exposure, and portraiture.

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